• This course provides a broad overview of homeowners insurance. It explains the various forms of the HO policy; who is covered, what is covered, when coverage applies and to what extent, what is excluded, and how the policy forms address third party liability. The course is designed to provide agents with the background required to make basic decisions regarding the policy form(s) that best meet the needs of individual insureds and how to provide the insureds with the best possible coverage against risks that would cause them the greatest personal and financial loss.

  • This course is an introduction to personal auto insurance. It focuses on the standard coverage developed by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) for the Personal Auto Policy (PAP),

  • Cost: $15.00
    Risk Management principals for companies and individuals.
    The main purpose of this course is to introduce users to insurance and the concept of risk management. This course begins as an introduction with definitions and terminology. We will then proceed to the how risks are evaluated; explain insurance industry operations and regulations and overview of some of the types of policies.
  • This course provides an overview of the ethical issues that face insurance agents. Acting legally and ethically is compared and reviewed through the use of case studies. We cover such issues as full disclosure, fiduciary responsibility and professionalism.

  • This program is designed to provide participants with an essential understanding of the fundamentals of ocean marine insurance.


    It covers hull, cargo and marine liability insurance. It explains who is covered, cause of loss, additional perils, exclusions, warranties, duration of risk, adjustment clauses, operating clauses, strikes riots and civil commotions, war risk insurance, etc.

  • This course serves as an introduction to insurance. It covers the fundamentals, definitions, the risk management function, insurance company operations, insurance occupations, the insurance market, regulations, contrasts and brief overviews of personal and commercial policies.

  • This course is a broad overview of inland marine insurance. It will cover the fundamentals, policy provisions, transportation insurance, contractors equipment insurance, bailee and bailor coverages, builders risks, installation floaters and DIC policies.

  • Bermuda.jpgIntroduction to captives, the types of risk that can be handled by captives, why captives can be effective as a risk management tool, how to determine if a captive is feasible, how to choose a domicile, and how to manage and operate a captive.